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LeBron James and Micheal Jordan wear the jersey number 23

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Q: What NBA player wears jersey number 23?
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What NBA player wears?

Shorts and a jersey with team name and number.

Who in the NBA wears the number 28 on his jersey?

Aaron Afflalo

Which current NBA player wears number 64?

No current player wears number 64.

Who wore jersey number 7 in the NBA?

Lamar Odom from the Lakers wears a number 7 jersey and he still does.

Is there a player in the NBA that wears number 52?

Brad Miller wears number 52.

What famous player in NBA wears jersey nr 14?

sam perkins

Is ther a player in the nba that wears number 95?


Who wears jersey number 0 in the NBA?

Gilbert Arenas of the Washington Wizards.

Who wears jersey number 13 in the NBA?

gabe pruit Boston celtics

Who wears jersey 57 in basketball?

Jersey number 57 has never been worn in NBA game play.

What NBA player wears number 21?

Tim Duncan

Which NBA player wears number 24?

Kobe Bryant

Which NBA player wears number 23?

Lebron James

What NBA player wears number 8?

Jake Cassidy

What NBA player wears number 40?

Its Lebron James!

What nba player wears number 1?

Jordan farmar

Which nba player wears number 19?

raja bell

What player wears the number 40 in the NBA?

Tyson Chandler.

What NBA player wears number 18?

Anthony Parker :)

What NBA player wears number 4?

Nate Robinson

Who wears number 57 in the NBA?

Hilton Armstrong became the first NBA player to wear number 57.

Which NBA player wears number 18?

sasha vujacic - lakers

Which NBA player wears number thirty-five?

Chris Richard

What famous NBA player wears the number 17?

John Havlicek

What NBA player wears number 43?

Danny zimmerman he is from Middleton Wisconsin and he is in the nba's development league