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That is Wilt Chamberlain with 2,149 rebounds in the 1960-61 season.

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Q: What NBA player holds record for most rebounds in a single season?
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What player had the most rebounds in a single season in NCAA history?

Wilt chamberlain

What is the Los Angeles Lakers franchise record for most rebounds pulled down in a single game?

the lakers most rebounds as a team in a single game in the regular season is 107 and in the playoffs it is 81

What player has the record for most assist in a single NHL season?

The NHL single season assists record is held by Wayne Gretzky who had 163 assists in the 1985-1986 season.

What is the most rebounds any player has had in one NBA game?

Wilt Chamberlain holds the single game rebound record with 55. He also holds the single playoff game rebound record with 41.

Which college team holds record for most rebounds in a single game?


What is the professional single season rushing record for an individual player?

2105 yrads

What player has the most career rebounds in NBA history?

The most career rebounds in NBA history is by Wilt Chamberlain: regular season (23,924), the highest career average (22.9 rpg), the single season rebounding records in total (2,149) and average (27.2 rpg), most rebounds in a regular season game (55) and playoff game (41) in the NBA, and has the most career All-Star Game rebounds (197).

What player holds the single season college basketball scoring record?

Pete Maravich

What player holds the record for most runs batted in for a single season?

hack Wilson

What basketball player has the record for scoring the most points in a single season?

wilt chamberlin

What baseball player holds the record for the most hit in a single season with 262?

Mariners outfielder Ichiro Suzuki set the record during the 2004 season.

Which Yankees player holds the AL single-season record with 184 RBIs?

Lou Gehrig of the New York Yankees holds American League record for RBIs in a single season with 184 in 1931.

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