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Robert Horry and your face

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Q: What NBA player has the most rings on different teams?
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What basketball player has the most rings with different teams?

Saqule onel

Which NFL player has won the most Super Bowl rings by playing on different teams?

Linebacker Matt Milan is the only player to earn Super Bowl rings with three different teams -- the Raiders, the 49ers and the Redskins.

Which baseball player has the most World Series rings with the most teams?

The largest number of different teams with which a single player has won a World Series ring is three. There are twelve players that have accomplished this, the most recent being Mike Lowell (1998 Yankees, 2003 Marlins, 2007 Red Sox).

What player has the most super bowl appearances with different teams?

Michael strahan

What active professional baseball player has played for the most teams?

Kenny lofton i think. he's played for 11 different teams

Player or coach who has most championship rings?

Bill Russell has the most rings of anyone, with 11 as a player and 2 as a coach.

What NFL teams have the most superbowl rings and how many?

the steelers and the patriots

Which mbl player has the most championship rings?

Yogi Berra won 13 rings which i think is the most rings to date

What NFL teams have the most Super Bowl rings and how many?

Pittsburgh Steelers with 6 rings in Superbowl 43 (XLIII)

Which NBA player has the most championship rings?

Bill Russell has 11 campionship rings with the Celtics.NBA Player with Most RingsMichael Jordan

What teams have the most super bowl rings?

The Steelers have the most SuperBowl rings (6), then Dallas (5), San Francisco (5) and New England (5).

What NBA coach has won the most championship rings as a player and a coach?

Phil Jackson has the most rings as a coach & player with 12. Two as a player and 10 as a coach

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