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George Mikan, who wore #99 throughout his 10 year career with the Minneapolis Lakers.

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Q: What NBA player has highest jersey number?
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What NBA player wears?

Shorts and a jersey with team name and number.

Who nba player wear a jersey number 17?

Andrew Bynum is one

Who is the number 1 highest paid player in the nba?

Kobe Bryant

Who is the highest NBA player?

Kevin Garnett is the current highest paid player in the NBA.

Can a NBA player wear a number 0 on his jersey?

yes, Gilbert arenas, agent 0, jersey #0

Whos the highest paid player in NBA?

Kobe Bryant is currently the highest paid player in the NBA.

Whats the visible difference between a jersey owned by a NBA player and a jersey bought at the team shop?

the difference is the nba player worn jersey is usually made out of better material.

Who is the only nba player to have his first and last name on his jersey?

The only NBA player to have his first and last name on his jersey is Pervis Ellison.

What nba player can jump the highest?

Michael Jordan

What is Gary Payton's number?

Gary Payton jersey number is 20. He was an American NBA player that played for many years, he has requested to not have his jersey placed in the Oklahoma hall of fame.

Which current player wears the number 59?

There are no current NBA or CBA players who wear the number 59. In fact no one has ever wore the number 59. It is not a common jersey number, as many of the jersey numbers happen to feature lower numbers.

Highest NBA player salaries?

Kobe Bryant have AA highest salary..24,034.750...