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Q: What NBA basketball team that wears purple and orange?
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What basketball team wears orange?

Charlotte bobcats

Who is the Syracuse Basketball teams mascot?

Otto the Orange is the mascot of the Syracuse Basketball team. The Syracuse Basketball team is also nicknamed Syracuse Orange, hence the name for the mascot Otto the Orange.

What cheerleader team has purple and yellow uniforms?

The lakers basketball team

What college basketball have orange uniform?

Most recognizable NCAA basketball team with orange uni's is the Syracuse "Orangemen"

Which team wears orange in the world cup?

Theteam from Holland wear their bright orange jerseys.

What are purple and yellow?

Sometimes can stand for Lakers(basketball team)!!

What are the clemson tigers team colors?

Orange, purple and white

What soccer country team wears purple jersey?

th eteam that has a purple jersey is barcelona because they are gay

Where can I find the socks the KU men's basketball team wears?

I found them by going to eBay and searching "adidas basketball socks". Exactly like KU wears!

Does any basketball team have teal or purple as one of their team colors?

Teal has not been used, but purple and yellow are the Wizards' colors.

Who on the uconn basketball team wears jersey number 22?

Bob Smith

Who on the uconn basketball team wears jersey number 42?

No one currently does

What was the name of the first African American basketball team?

the purple tigers

What was the name of first African American basketball team?

the purple tigers

What were the team colors of the Pittsburgh PA professional basketball team the Rens?

purple trimmed in gold

What professional football team uses the colors Orange and Purple?

the saints

Why do the dutch football team wear orange?

The Netherlands national football team wears orange and are nicknamed Oranje in honour of the Dutch Royal Family, the House of Orange-Nassau.

What color jerseys does the home team wear in college basketball?

The home team, or the higher seeded team in a tournament, wears their white jerseys.

What professional team uses the colors Orange and Purple?

Clemson University in South Carolina.

Who is 5 on the usa olympic basketball team?

If you're talking about men's national team, it is Jason Kidd who wears jersey #5. Seimone Augustus wears jersey #5 for women's national team. Updated after 2008 Summer Olympics.

What are team names?

Team names are thing that describe a team,where they represent, and their colors. Example: Raptors- They are Toronto's basketball team and wear the colors red,black,purple, and white.

What is the longest streak of winning seasons by a NCAA basketball team?

Syracuse Orange - 42 (1970 - 2012)

When was the last time the Syracuse Orange basketball team went 20 wins 0 looses?


What is the san antonio Texas basketball team called?

(San Antonio Spurs.)is wrong they are the road runners.they are the college basketball team.they wear orange and blue

What is a good basketball name for a 12 and under AAU team with the colors lime green and purple?

The City Name... Hulks