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Chase Rice is currently not working for any Nascar team.

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Q: What NASCAR team does Chase Rice work for?
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Which Hendrick Motorsports race team does Chase Rice work for?

Chase Rice was not the former jackman for Jimmie Johnson. T.J. Ford is the current jackman for the #48 Lowe's team.

Does Nascar Chase for the Cup 2005 on xbox work on xbox360?

So long as your 360 is backwards compatible

Does NASCAR 06 work for a ps2?

yes in the game NASCAR 06: Total Team Control (Playstation 2)

How do you make the most money possible as an auto technician?

get an engineering degree and go to work for a nascar race team.

What companies do NASCAR drivers work for?

The drivers job is to compete in a series for the main organization, which is Nascar. The company is owned by the France family. Brian France is the CEO and Chairman of Nascar. Each driver has a team owner, who is the boss of the team. Just like in any other job, the drivers have an employer/employee relationship.

What did Joe Gibbs do for work in between his NFL coaching career?

He ran a team in NASCAR called Joe Gibbs Racing.

Who pays NASCAR crew members?

NASCAR crew members are paid by the team they work for. For example, Tony Stewart is the owner of Stewart Haas and he will pay everyone in the crews of his four car team.

What does a Sprint Cup NASCAR tv announcer earn?

The Sprint Cup NASCAR television announcers actually do not work for NASCAR. They work for the television station that they are seen on. I doubt if the television stations will discuss employees wages.

Why can't a team work on a car during a NASCAR red flag?

The no work during red flag rule is there to discourage someone from intentionally causing a red flag worthy stoppage in order to help a teammate who needs repairs.

How rice dispenser work?

stock our rice that you can preserve

How does a NASCAR catch can work?

The Nascar crew member holds the catch can to retrieve the fuel that can spill from a vent on the back of the car during pit stops. Starting in 2011, Nascar has eliminated the catch can in all three series.

If you owned a team what receiver would you want to build your team around?

Present day, it has to be Andre Johnson. He has great hands and run after the catch. All time would have to be Jerry Rice, work ethic and route running