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Danny miles

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Q: What NAIA mens basketball coach has the most wins and how many?
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Who is the Duke Mens basketball coach?

Coach K...

Who is Duke's mens basketball coach?

Mike Krzyzewski

Who was usf basketball coach 1955?

don mens

Who is the mens basketball coach for ecu?

Jeff Lebo

Who was the Indiana's mens basketball coach in 1975?

Bob Knight

Who is Texas techs mens basketball coach?

Pat Knight

Has there ever been a woman coach for college mens basketball?


Who will the University of Kentucky get to coach their mens basketball program?

They have hired Coach John Calipari from UMass.

Who is the oldest mens d1 basketball coach?

Dr Homer Drew

Who is head mens basketball coach at Oakland university?

Greg Kampe

What is the name of the Michigan state mens basketball coach?

Tom Izzo

Which coach has the most losses in ncaa mens basketball history?

Andy Wood. He was a coach out of Snowflake, Arizona.

Indiana Mens Basketball has 5 National Championships How many of those were won with Bob Knight as coach?


NCAA Mens Basketball Coach has the most NCAA wins?

Mike Krzyzewski

Who is the winningest coach in mens college basketball?

Bobby Knight with 902 wins

Who was the coach of saint johns mens basketball team in 1984?

Lou Carnesecca

Who is the best coach in college basketball?

Coach Roy Williams of the University of North Carolina Mens Basketball! He is very experienced and an amazing man! You are amazing Coach Williams! <3

How many mens basketball head coaches have the Missouri Tigers had?

Current head coach Mike Anderson is Mizzou's 17th head coach in men's basketball. (16th if 7-game interim coach Melvin Watkins is discounted)

Who was the mens basketball coach for Oklahoma university before kelvin Sampson?


Who became Wake Forest mens basketball coach after bones mckinney?

Jack McCloskey

What coach has won the most NCAA titles in mens basketball?

John Wooden from UCLA

Who was University of Louisville mens basketball coach before John Dromo?

Frank Kemp

Is it true that Womens College basketball allows more scholarships than mens basketball if so why?

yes it is because if you ask a basketball coach they will aggrey

What current coach has the most NCAA mens basketball championships?

Mike Krzyzewski I think. 2008.

Who has the most wins as a college basketball coach and what year?

for mens division 1, bobby night