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Jones hit 20

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Harmon Killebrew

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Q: What Minnesota Twin shortstop has hit the most home runs?
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Which Minnesota Twin has hit the most home runs in the Metrodome?

Jim Tome

Where is most of Minnesota's population?

In the Twin Cities Metropolitan Area.

What current Minnesota Twin has the most stolen bases?

Denard Span

Who hit the most home runs by a Minnesota Twin in the Metrodome?

I believe it's Jacque Jones, with 20 lead-off home runs. I was searching for the answer myself and they announced it during the Sox-Twins game tonight.

What Minnesota twin had the most hits in one season?

Rod Carew with 239 base hits in 1977.

Who was the fi rst league Most Valuable Player in major league baseball history to have been born in Cuba?

Shortstop Zoilo Versailles of the 1965 Minnesota Twins who was born in Havana.

Was there ever a ballplayer named zelio?

There was a shortstop named Zoilo Versalles, who was named American League Most Valuable Player in 1965, the season in which he sparked the Minnesota Twins to the A.L pennant and the World Series.

What towns are in in Anoka County?

Anoka County can be found in the state of Minnesota. It is the fourth most populous county in Minnesota, and includes the northern part of the Saint Paul - Twin Cities region.

Which player has played the most career games at shortstop for the angels?

Jim Fregosi (1961-1971) with 1367 games at shortstop.

Who holds the Big Ten record for most home runs in a single season with 27?

Mike Smith, a shortstop from Indiana, hit out 27 dingers in 1992.

Who has hit the most home runs against the Minnesota Twins?

Jim Thome (57)

What baseball position gets the most balls hit to them?