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There are quite a few

  • Adrian Arrington: New Orleans Saints
  • Jason Avant: Philadelphia Eagles
  • David Baas: New York Giants
  • Jeff Backus: Detroit Lions
  • Justin Boren: Baltimore Ravens
  • Tom Brady: New England Patriots
  • Alan Branch: Seattle Seahawks
  • Steve Breaston: Kansas City Chiefs
  • Stevie Brown: Indianapolis Colts
  • Prescott Burgess: free agent[99]
  • Perry Dorrestein: Chicago Bears
  • Braylon Edwards: free agent
  • Jay Feely: Arizona Cardinals
  • Larry Foote: Pittsburgh Steelers
  • Jonathan Goodwin: San Francisco 49ers
  • Brandon Graham: Philadelphia Eagles
  • Matt Gutierrez: free agent
  • James Hall: St. Louis Rams
  • Leon Hall: Cincinnati Bengals
  • David Harris: New York Jets
  • Chad Henne: Miami Dolphins
  • Steve Hutchinson: Minnesota Vikings
  • Tim Jamison: Houston Texans
  • Jake Long: Miami Dolphins
  • Ryan Mallett: New England Patriots
  • Mario Manningham: New York Giants
  • Zoltan Mesko: New England Patriots
  • Jonas Mouton: San Diego Chargers
  • Ryan Mundy: Pittsburgh Steelers
  • Stephen Schilling: San Diego Chargers
  • Morgan Trent: Cincinnati Bengals
  • Donovan Warren: Chicago Bears
  • Martell Webb: Arizona Cardinals
  • LaMarr Woodley: Pittsburgh Steelers
  • Charles Woodson: Green Bay Packers
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Drew Henson, Tim Shaw, Braylon Edwards, Gary Danielson, Chester Taylor, Charles Rogers, Andre Rison, Jerome Bettis, Travis Reece, Tico Duckett, Tom Beers, Greg Jennings, Mark Ingram,

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Earl Morrill, Tony Banks, Dave Yarema, Drew Stanton, Bobby Hoyer,

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Q: What Michigan high school football players played in the NFL?
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