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Q: What Major League Baseball team plays in Detroit?
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What is Cleveland baseball team name?

The IndiansThe Cleveland Indians are a Major League baseball team that plays in the American League Central.

What national hockey league team plays in Detroit?

Detroit Red Wings

Who is Zack Jackson?

Zack Jackson plays major league baseball for the Texas rangers. He was born in May 13th 1983. He also was part of three other major league baseball teams.

Which Major League Baseball team plays its home games at Camden Yards?

Baltimore Orioles

What is Carlos lee's position in Major League Baseball?

Carlos Lee plays both Left Field and First Base. As of the 2012 Major League Baseball (MLB) season, Lee is a member of the Houston Astros.

What is Avain Rachal known for?

Avain Rachal is known for being a professional baseball player that plays in Major League Baseball. The professional team that he plays for is the Cincinnati Reds.

Who is Eduardo Escobar?

Eduardo José Escobar is a Major League Baseball player that plays for the Minnesota Twins.

What league do the Florida Marlins play in?

The name of the Major League Baseball team that plays in Miami, Florida is the Miami Marlins.

How many months is the Major League Baseball season?

Baseball season is 6 months long and each team plays 162 games.

Who plays first base in Major League Baseball as a lefthander?

There are lots of left handed 1st basemen in MLB.

Which baseball team plays its home games in a foreign conntry?

In Major League Baseball, the Toronto Blue Jays are the only team who plays its home games in a foreign country, Canada.

What sport does the team Atlanta Braves play?

The Atlanta Braves are a professional baseball team that is based in Atlanta. The team plays in the Major League Baseball league and have played in the Turner Field since 1997.