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During the 2011 Major League Baseball (MLB) regular season, the New York Yankees hit the most home runs, with a team total of 222.

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Q: What Major League Baseball team has the most home runs in 2011?
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What is the oldest Major League Baseball park?

the oldest major league baseball park is the Fenway park the home of the Boston Red Sox

Who are the 3 all time league baseball home run leaders?

Who are the 3 time Major league baseball home run leaders

How far is home plate from the pitcher's mound in major league baseball?

it is 90 feet from the pitchers mound to home plate in major league baeball

What Major League Baseball player holds the Major League Baseball single season home run record?

Barry Bonds set the single season home run record with 73 home runs in 2001.

Where is the home of the Major League Baseball royals?

kansas city

What is the home of the Major League Baseball's Royals?

Kansas City

What baseball player the Major League record holder for home runs was born on this day in 1964?

Barry Lamar Bonds, who turned 47 on July 24, 2011.

How many home runs have been hit in the history of major league baseball?

According to Baseball Reference, there have been 245,913 home runs hit in major league play from 1871 through the start of the 2008 season.

Who was the only baseball pitcher to give up a home run to his first major league batter and hit a home run in his first major league game?

Babe Ruth

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How do you get tickets for the Major League Baseball Home Run Derby?

you buy them.

What is the home city of Major League Baseball's Padres?

San Diego

Where did babe Ruth hit his first Major league baseball home run?

baseball history

Who has hit the most home runs in Major League baseball?

Barry Bonds is the all time Major League home run leader with 762.

Who is the only player in major league baseball history to hit an inside the park home run in his first major league at bat?

babe ruth

Who has the most home runs in major league baseball history not in baseball hall of fame?

Barry Bonds.

What is the length of baseball field?

In Major League Baseball, the bases are 90' apart. The distance from home plate to the nearest fence is 250' or more.

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How far is pitchers mound from home plate in major league baseball?


In major league baseball how far is it from the pichers mound to home plate?


What city is home to Major League Baseball's Athletics?


What Major League Baseball team calls Toronto home?

Blue Jays

Most home runs in baseball major league in 2009?

albert pujols

Who hit the furthest home run in major league baseball?

Mickey Mantle

Who major league baseball player has stolen home the most?

ty cobb