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The Major League Baseball Free Agents are still available as of December 15 2014 include Jon Lester, Pablo Sandoval, Andrew Miller, Hanley Ramirez, Nelson Cruz, Russell Martin, Nick Markakis, David Robertson, Billy Butler and Adam LaRoche

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The players in Major League Baseball that are still Free Agents are John Baker, Ryan Doumit, Gerald Laird, A., Daric Barton, Mike Carp, Adam Rosales, Asdrubal Cabreral, Stephen Drew, Everth Cabrera, Rickie Weeks, Mark Ellis, Gordon Beckham, Rafael Furcal, Jack Hannahan, Jayson Nix, Mike Carp, Andy Dirks, Endy Chez, Delmon Young, Ryan Ludwick, Reed Johnson, Jason Kubel, Jonny Gomes, Colby Rasmus, Ichiro, Jason Giambi, Chris Capuano, Scott Baker, Aaron Harang, Roberto Hernandez aka Fausto Carmona, Hiroki Huroda, Kyle Kendrick, Jake Peavy, Alexi Ogando, Felipe Paulino, Joe Saunders, Joe Saunders and Max Scherzzer.

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Q: What Major League Baseball Free Agents are still available as of December 15 2014?
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