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Cubs, angels, Yankees, and dodgers

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Q: What MLB teams don't have a mascot?
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What is the mascot for the New york NFL?

they dont have a mascot because there are two ny teams

What are the four teams in the MLB without a mascot?

Minnesota Twins, Cincinnati Reds, Washington Nationals, Kansas City Royals

6 pro teams with same mascot?

No two NFL teams share the same mascot, let alone six.

What is the LA Dodgers mascot?

The Dodgers have no mascot. 4 teams do not have a mascot: Dodgers, Angels, Cubs and Yankees.

Which MLB team was the first to have a mascot?

the philles

How much MLB teams are there?

there are 30 teams

What city has the fewest baseball teams?

There are only 30 MLB teams in the MLB, but there are many places with a minor league park, but there are a few cities like Chicago and Los Angels that have two MLB teams. There are many cities without any teams.

What is the mascot for Claremont Mckenna college for men and women?

Claremont-McKenna College actually has two mascots: mens teams have the mascot Stags, and women's teams have the mascot Athenas.

What is the Woodbury University mascot?

I don't believe they have one. Usually, a college has to have sports teams to really have a mascot. When I went there in the late 1980s, there were no teams and I doubt they have them today.

What football teams have an antelope as their mascot?

Antelope Valley High School in California, their mascot is the Antelopes.

What NFL football team has their mascot named after a war horse?

what are the mascot names for the nfl teams?

What are some mascots starting with the letter H?

Herbie Husker is the official mascot for sport teams at the University of Nebraska. Hokie Bird is the official mascot for sports teams at Virginia Tech.

What is the mascot for the Ducks hockey team?

The Ducks hockey team mascot is Wild Wing the Duck. He has been the teams mascot since 1993. The name for the Ducks mascot was chosen from a 'Name the Mascot' contest.

Mexico soccer teams mascot?


What are the MLB teams from Missouri?

There are two MLB teams from Missouri. The first is the St. Louis Cardinals and the second the Kansas City Royals.

What is the university of oxford mascot?

Oxford University does not have a mascot as such. Individual colleges and sports teams may have their own.

What pro teams in NHL NBA nfl and NBA have duplicate mascots?

The Rangers are in the MLB and the NHL (New York and Texas) The Giants are teams in the MLB and NFL The Cardinals are teams in the MLB and NFL

What is the angels mascot?

As he said the angels don't have a mascot =/ The Angels dont have a mascot, although i have heard of something called a rally monkey The Angels dont have a mascot, although i have heard of something called a rally monkey

How many teams are there is MLB?

There's 30 teams in the MLB, 29 in the USA, and 1 in Canada, they're called the Toronto Blue Jays.

How many teams are in the MLB?

There used to be 8 teams. But, starting in the 2012 season, there are 10 teams.

What are the 32 MLB teams?

there are only 30 major league teams

What is the team mascot for the college Arizona?

Sparky is the mascot of the Arizona State University Sun Devil teams. Sparky became the school's mascot in 1946. Prior to being called the Sun Devils, Arizona State University teams were 'Bulldogs' and, before that, 'Owls'.

Can you List all college teams by mascot?


What is the mascot of the Virginia tech sports teams?

the hokie

What college teams do not have an animal mascot?

Cardinal. Cornhuskers.