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The whole team names that start with A are the Atlanta Braves and the Arizona Diamondbacks but the teams' nicknames that start with A are the Astros and the Angels.

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Q: What MLB team names start with the letter a?
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What Major League Baseball team names start with the letter o?

· Oakland Athletics (MLB) · Orioles - Baltimore Orioles (MLB)

What team names that names that start with letter C?

Indianapolis Colts NFL Kansas City Chiefs NFL Houston Caviliers NBA Boston Celtics NBA Chicago Cubs MLB

What two mlb team names don't end with the letter s?

The Boston Red Sox and the Chicago White Sox

How many MLB player's names start with I?


What team names begin with the letter L?

The Los Angeles Angels (MLB), Los Angeles Dodgers (MLB) and Los Angeles Kings (NHL) are professional sport teams in Los Angeles. The Lightning (Tampa Bay Lightning) is a team in the National Hockey League.

What are names of major league baseball team that starts with L?

· Los Angeles Angels (MLB) · Los Angeles Dodgers (MLB)

How many players are there on a starting baseball team?

9 start in the field. In the MLB, 25 are on the full team.

How many MLB teams are from Canada?

As of the start of the 2008 season there is one Canadian team in MLB, the Toronto Blue Jays.

Pro sports team start with a K?

Kansas City Royals - MLB

What team start with the letter F?

· Falcons - Atlanta Falcons (NFL) · Flames - Calgary Flames (NHL) · Florida Marlins (MLB) · Florida Panthers (NHL)

What is a mlb team name starts with letter k?

Kansas City Royals

What team names start with the letter t?

· Tampa Bay Buccaneers (NFL) · Tampa Bay Lightning (NHL) · Tampa Bay Rays (MLB) · Tennessee Titans (NFL) · Texans, Houston (NFL) · Texas Rangers (MLB) · Thrashers, Atlanta (NHL) · Tigers, Detroit (MLB) · Timberwolves, Minnesota (NBA) · Toronto Blue Jays (MLB) · Toronto Maple Leafs (NHL) · Toronto Raptors (NBA) · Trail Blazers, Portland (NBA) · Twins, Minnesota (MLB)

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