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The Dodgers:

1st - Giants: 55 players, 11 managers 2nd - Dodgers: 45 players, 9 managers 3rd - Yankees: 41 players, 11 managers

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Q: What MLB team has the second most hall of famers?
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Which football team has the most hall of famers?

the bears

Nfl team with the most hall of famers?

chicago bears

What NBA team has the most hall of famers?

Chicago bulls

Which nhl team has most hall of famers?

The Monteal Canadians

What NFL team has the second most players in the Hall of Fame?

The Green Bay Packers have produced 21 Hall of Famers, five fewer than the Chicago Bears.

Which NFL team has the most hall of famers?

da bears, of course

Which NFL team had the most people going to the Hall of Fame?

The Bears with 26 Hall of Famers

What team has the most players in the NFL Hall of Fame?

The Chicago Bears/Decatur Staleys franchise has produced 27 Hall of Famers.

What NBA team has the most NBA hall of famers?

The answer is the Boston Celtics. In fact, the 1962-63 team alone has 9 players in the HOF.

Best NFL team ever?

Atlanta Falcons is the best NFL team ever! Most Hall of famers in sports history

Is the 49ers the best football team in the nfl?

If you look at superbowl wins they are tied for second with the cowboys at 5 and behind the steelers at 6. The bears have the most overall championships and hall of famers. so basically no.

How many hall of famers were on the 1985 Chicago Bears team?


What is a football signed by Sinclair and the entire 1986 SF 49er football team with at least 4 Hall of Famers on it worth?

a lot

What mlb team had the most future hall of famers on its roster at the same time?

The San Francisco Giants with 5- Juan Marichal, Orlando Cepeda, Willie McCovey, Willie Mays, and Gaylord Perry

The wolrds best NFL team?

1985 Chicago Bears: 15 wins, 1 Loss Won Superbowl 46-3 Most Hall of famers on a single team in Sports history

How many NBA Hall of Famers played for Syracuse University?

Dave Bing and Jim Boeheim (who was a guard on the same team as Bing) are in the basketball HOF.

Which NFL team has the least hall of famers?

The Carolina Panthers have had only one player who has played for them (Reggie White in 2000) elected to the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Are the Pittsburgh Steelers the number one team in the NFL?

If you are looking at super bowls then yes but overall championships the bears would be the leaders as well as in hall of famers.

Which city has the most hall of famers?

Sixty-six representatives of the New York/San Francisco Giants (55 players and 11 managers) have been inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame, more than any other team in the history of baseball. The Brooklyn/Los Angeles Dodgers franchise is second (45 players, 9 managers) and the New York Yankees are third (41 players, 11 managers).

How many hall of famers were on 1976 reds baseball team?

3 ... Joe Morgan, Johnny Bench, and Tony Perez. A fourth player, Pete Rose, would have been a sure Hall of Famer.

What mlb team has most wins all time?

Easily and I think the NYY, or New York Yankees, because they are one of the oldest baseball teams and had just baseball hall of famers like Babe Ruth, he had the most home runs for PITCHER: 714 and Lou Gehrig who had the most Yankee hits all time: 2721. Also legends on they're team.

Did the 1923 giants have the most hall of famers on 1 team?

No. The 1923 New York Giants had 9 future Hall of Famers ... George Kelly, Frankie Frisch, Dave Bancroft, Ross Youngs, Travis Jackson, Casey Stengel, Hack Wilson, Bill Terry, John McGraw (manager). The 1932 New York Yankees had 10 future Hall of Famers ... Earle Combs, Bill Dickey, Lou Gehrig, Lefty Gomez, Tony Lazzeri, Herb Pennock, Red Ruffing, Babe Ruth, Joe Sewell, Miller Huggins (manager).

Who has played the longest on one team in the NFL?

That is Hall of Famers Jackie Slater and Darrell Green who each played for the same team for 20 seasons. Slater was with the Rams from 1976-1995 and Green was with the Redskins from 1983-2002.

Which National Football League team has the most Hall of Fame players?

According to the Pro Football Hall of Fame's web page, the Chicago Bears have the most with 26 players.Also the Green Bay packers according to the same site have 21 players!(Go to you count the same page you are counting 26 for Green Bay, Then you need to count the Bears have 30.) you only count the BOLD RED NAMES! the THIN RED NAMES were hall of famers before coming to that team.There are 2 different team lists on the PFHoF web site, 1 page counts ALL the hall of famers that also give 1 hall of famer to multiable teams. (Emmitt Smith will be counted for Dallas and Arizona)The other is the individual team page that shows the the HoF head trophies, that one is correct.

What NFL team has the most hall of fame inductees?

Da Bears with 27 followed by the Canton Bulldogs. Whos second and third?