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Virgil Trucks, Detroit Tigers, 1952

Allie Reynolds, New York Yankees...some time in the 50s

Nolan Ryan, California Angels, 1973

Johnny Vander Meer, Cincinnati Reds, 1938


Reynolds threw his two no hitters in 1951.

Roy Halliday, Philadelphia Phillies 2010 (2nd No hitter in post-season history)

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Q: What MLB pitchers have thrown two no-hitters in one season?
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What MLB pitchers have thrown two no hitters in one season?

Type your answer here...nolan ryan

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Through the 2008 season, 17 MLB pitchers have thrown perfect games. No pitcher has thrown more than one.

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No hitters: Ubaldo jimenez from the Colorado rockies. Perfect game: Dallas Braden and Roy Halladay.

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A bunch. In fact, the vast majority of major league pitchers have never thrown a no-hitter in major league baseball. Many more have thrown no-hitters in high school or college ball.

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2, Tim Wakefield in Boston and RA Dickey in Seattle.

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Currently in the 2015 MLB season there are two recognized knuckle ball pitchers. One is R.A. Dickey with the Toronto Blue Jays and the second one is Steven Wright with the Boston Red Sox.

How many mlb pitchers have thrown over 100?

nolan Ryan has doen it many many many times so has j verlander and Joel zumaya

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The average speed major league pitchers threw in 2008 was 83 mph.Joe West: MLB umpire (27 years)

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