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WhiteSox stadium. Great American Ballpark (Reds). Citizens Bank (Phillies).

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Q: What MLB has the smallest park to hit hr's?
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How many out of the park HRs were there in MLB history?


How many home runs did Dwight Evans hit in one game?

In MLB, the most HRs Dwight hit in a game was 2 ... he did this 22 times.

How many home runs did bo Jackson have?

Bo Jackson hit 141 home runs in his MLB career. His best season was 1989 with the Royals when he hit 32 HRs.

Who are the 7 MLB players who hit over 600 home runs?

Barry Bonds (762 HRs)Hank Aaron (755 HRs)Babe Ruth (714 HRs)Willie Mays (660 HRs)Ken Griffey, Jr. (active)Sammy Sosa (609 HRs)Alex Rodriquez (activ

What foreign born player has hit the most career HRS in MLB?

Sammy Sosa, born in San Pedro de Macoris, Dominican Republic with 609.

Mlb Most hrs in a game?

5 by pete rose

What team last had the fewest home runs in a season and won the World Series?

That was the 1982 St. Louis Cardinals that defeated the Milwaukee Brewers in the World Series. The Cardinals 67 home runs were the fewest in MLB by 7 (Astros hit 74 HRs). Other teams that won the World Series and hit the fewest home runs in MLB were the 1965 Los Angeles Dodgers (78 HRs), 1924 Washington Senators (22 HRs), and the 1906 Chicago White Sox (7 HRs).

How many home runs does Garret Jones have at pnc park?

Through games played on July 2, 2012, 38 of Garrett's 69 HRs with the Pirates have been hit at PNC Park.

Who was the youngest baseball player to have consecutive 30 home run seasons before 2007?

Miguel Cabrera of the 2004-2005 Florida Marlins. Prior to 2007, there were four MLB players to have consecutive 30 HR seasons at the ages of 21 and 22 with Cabrera being the youngest by about 3 months ... 1) Miguel Cabrera - born April 18, 1983 - hit 33 HRs in 2004 and 33 HRs in 2005 for the Marlins. 2) Albert Pujols - born January 16, 1980 - hit 37 HRs in 2001 and 34 HRs in 2002 for the Cardinals. 3) Jimmie Foxx - born October 22, 1907 - hit 33 HRs in 1929 and 37 HRs in 1930 for the Philadelphia Athletics. 4) Ed Mathews - born October 13, 1931 - hit 47 HRs in 1953 and 40 HRs in 1954 for the Milwaukee Braves.

What MLB players had the most letters in their last name and hit 40 home runs in one season?

The 40+ home run hitter with the most letters in his last name was Carl Yastrzemski (11 letters) of the Boston Red Sox. Carl hit 44 HRs in 1967 and 40 HRs in 1969 and 1970. Next is 10 letters for Rico Petrocelli of the Boston Red Sox (40 HRs in 1969), Ted Kluszewski of the Cincinnati Reds (40 HRs in 1953, 49 HRs in 1954, 47 HRs in 1955), Curtis Granderson of the New York Yankees (41 HRs in 2011), and Roy Campanella of the Brooklyn Dodgers (41 HRs in 1953).

Who led the major leagues in home runs for a season but didn't win the home run crown for either league - I am assuming it had to be someone who changed leagues midseason but I can't find out who?

Mark McGwire. In 1997, McGwire's 58 home runs led MLB. He hit 34 for Oakland, was traded to St. Louis on July 31, and hit another 24 for the Cardinals. So while he didn't lead either league in HRs, he led the entire MLB in HRs.

Who is the youngest player to hit 20 home runs in a season?

Tony Conigliaro (born January 7, 1945) of the Boston Red Sox was 19 when he hit 24 home runs in the 1964 season. He is the only MLB player to have hit 20+ HRs in a season while a teenager.