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Q: What Jersey numbers of soccer players is an example of a variable?
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What is the measurement of basketball jersey numbers?

Random numbers that can be picked by the players

How do basketball players get there jersey numbers?

they pick the numbers by their dick siz

Do OHL players get to pick their jersey numbers?

Yes they do.

What are the jersey numbers of Australia cricket players?


Who is India cricket players jersey numbers 11?

Pyuish Chawla has the jersey of #11.

What are the names and jersey numbers of the Super Bowl players?


What do the numbers on the back of a Basketball Jersey go to?

players game positions

What is the highest jersey number a NBA player can pick?

The NBA players can choose any number they want between 00 and 99. However no two players can have the same number on one team. Currently, many players tend to choose lower numbers (under 50). There are very few players with high jersey numbers.

What do the numbers of the basketball players mean?

it is just there jersey number... It is their jersey numbers (not there), which means that they can be identified by broadcasters in the booth and whoever is keeping the books for fouls so the ref can identify them by number.

How to make soccer jersey numbers?

Online soccer jersey shop provide this service. Regardless of which teams and players they can do for you. Usually the price is not expensive.

Does a soccer jersey have to have a number?

In an official match they have to have numbers, so that players can be identified. If players are just practicing or fans are buying shirts, then they don't have to have them.

What are the jersey numbers of all the Spain soccer players?

Sergio ramos 15.xavi harnandes 8 aniesta 6

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