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The New England Patriots are no strangers to cold weather as they call Foxbourgh, Massachusetts home. The coldest game the team has played in so far was the 2003 Divisional Playoff game against the Tennessee Titans.

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Q: What Is the Patriots coldest game on record?
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Who did the Patriots beat in the coldest game on record in team history?

Tennessee Titans

Where was the coldest Super Bowl game on record was?

New Orleans Super Bowl VI

What is the Chiefs record overall against the Patriots?

16-13-3 for the Chiefs against the Patriots - they have never played in a playoff game.

What was the record of the New England Patriots of 2008?

The 2008 New England Patriots were 11-5. If it weren't for the Dolphins winning their game the Patriots would have gone to the superbowl.

What will be NE Patriots record in 2008?

They will win every game but 1 the Super Bowl

What was the patriots record for 2001?

The Patriots regular season record in 2001 was 11-5.

Where is the coldest place in Greece?

Ptolemaida holds the record for the coldest place in greece

What was the Boston Patriots record in 1968?

In 1968, the Boston Patriots finished with a 4-10 record.

What is the coldest Midwest winter on record?

The coldest Midwest winter on record was in the 1936 North American cold wave. In February 1936 the states of North Dakota, South Dakota and Minnesota saw its coldest month on record.

What is the patriots record as of this season?

The Patriots are currently 5-2.

What was Maryland record for coldest weather?

The coldest temperature recorded in Maryland was -40˚F.

Whose inauguration was coldest inauguration day on record?

Ronald Reagan's inauguration was the coldest inauguration day on record. The temperature was 7°F.

What was the coldest NFL game?

The Green Bay Packers defeated the Dallas Cowboys 21-17 in the coldest NFL game on record -- the 1967 NFL Championship dubbed forevermore the "Ice Bowl." The official game-time temperature was 13 degrees below zero with the wind chill at minus-48 degrees. It still stands as the coldest game in NFL history.

When was the coldest year recorded in the US?

1917 was the coldest year ever recorded for the contiguous US. 1912 was the second coldest on record.

What is the coldest inauguration day on record?

Ronald ReagenWhen The Coldest March Inauguration Occured...O_o

How many win streak did New England have in 2004?

The 2003-2004 New England Patriots had a then record 18 game reagular season winning streak. The Patriots later broke their own record in 2006-2007, with a 19 game reagular season winning streak.

What was New England Patriots record in 2006?

The New England Patriots finished the 2006 regular season with a record of 12-4. They advanced to the AFC Championship game, where they were defeated by the eventual Superbowl champion Colts. As a result, they finished the season with a record of 14-5.

What coach led patriots to worst record?

The three worst coaching performances of the New England Patriots: 1990:Rod Rust led the New England Patriots to a 1-15 record. 1992:Dick MacPherson led the Patriots to a 2-14 record. 1970: Clive Rush led the Patriots to a 2-12 record.

What is the coldest temperature on record in Fort Myers?


When was the coldest day in new Jersey on record?


What is the New England Patriots record since 2001?

The Patriots have a record of 158-50 since 2001 in the regular season

What is the all time record patriots versus ravens?

The Patriots sport a 4-0 record versus the Baltimore Ravens.

Coldest recorded temperature in Timmins?

The coldest temperature ever record in Timmins, Ontario is -45.6 Celsius.

What is the coldest temperature in record?

The coldest temperature on record was at the Soviet Vostok Station in Antarctica. On July 21, 1983 the temperature recorder was -128.6 degrees Fahrenheit.

Patriots record in 2007?

The Patriots were 16-0 in the regular season in 2007