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Lisa Owens related to Tony Dungy and future NFL stars Eric Dungy and Devon Harris

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Q: What Is Montell Owens Wife's Name?
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What is Montell Owens's birthday?

Montell Owens was born on May 4, 1984.

When was Montell Owens born?

Montell Owens was born on May 4, 1984.

How tall is Montell Owens?

NFL player Montell Owens is 5'-10''.

What NFL team does Montell Owens play for?

Montell Owens plays for the Detroit Lions.

What is Montell Owens's number on the Detroit Lions?

Montell Owens is number 34 on the Detroit Lions.

What position does Montell Owens play?

Montell Owens plays Running Back for the Detroit Lions.

What college did NFL player Montell Owens play for?

NFL player Montell Owens played for Maine.

How old is Montell Owens?

Montell Owens is 27 years old (birthdate: May 4, 1984).

How much does NFL player Montell Owens weigh?

NFL player Montell Owens weighs 225 pounds.

What is the birth name of Montell Jordan?

Montell Jordan's birth name is Montell Dusean Jordan.

What was wilfred Owens wifes name?

Wilfred Owen's wife was named Jon Stallworthy. They were married in 1917.

What is the birth name of Lisa Montell?

Lisa Montell's birth name is Irena Ludmilla Vladimirovna Augustinovich.