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do the hupa Indians play Lacrosse

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Q: What Indian tribe played lacrosse?
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What did the Miami Indian tribe do for sports?

I think that the miami indians played lacrosse

What kind of sports did the Cherokee Indian tribe play?

one game they played is lacrosse

Did indianas of the northwest coast tribe play sports?

yes they played sports some Indian tribes played lacrosse

How did the Cheyenne Indian tribe learn lacrosse?

They learned from the Hopi.

What Indian tribe invented lacrosse?

Supposedly the Iroquois or Onondaga nations.

What was the first sport ever to be invented that is still going on today?

Lacrosse was the first one that is still played in modern times. It was first played in 1320 by an Indian tribe.

What Native American tribe made the Native American lacrosse stick?

Lacrosse (Stickball) was invented by the Choctaw tribe.

Where lacrosse played?

lacrosse is played on a lacrosse field.

Where did lacross start?

Lacrosse is thought to have originated in Canada. The game of lacrosse was played by various Native American and Plains Indian tribes.

What was the first sport played in newjersey?

Early forms of lacrosse played by the Lenape and other Indian tribes.

What was the Cherokee tribe good at?

Ignoring the other things that any tribe could claim; Lacrosse, the modern game was adapted from a game played by them.

When was Indian National Lacrosse Federation created?

Indian National Lacrosse Federation was created in 2009.

What American Indian tribe originated the game of lacrosse?

Can't find the actual name of the Native American Indian tribe that qualifies; however, here's this. : lacrosse 1718, American English, from Canadian French jeu de la crosse "game of the hooked sticks," from crosse "hooked stick," which is used to throw the ball, from P.Gmc. *kruk-. Originally a Native American Indian game. The native name is represented by Ojibwa (Algonquian) baaga'adowe "to play lacrosse"

Who is known as the father of modern lacrosse?

There is no "Father of Modern Lacrosse". Lacrosse was first documented as an Indian game as an act of valor. Hundreds of men in a tribe would play lacrosse, much like people do now, except it was far more violent and to win was a show of you strength and manliness.

What games did the Iroquois tribe play?

They played lacrosse in the summer/spring and snow snake in the winter. they also tobogganed.

What kinds of games did the Pomo Tribe play?

they played lacrosse,hoop and pole game,and,cup and pin game :)

When was lacrosse started?

The Plain Indians started playing lacrosse. So did the Inca Tribe, BUT they played a more violent version. (They tried to wack rach others heads off.)

What are the discoveries and inventions of the Iroquois tribe?

lacrosse !! <3

Where can lacrosse be played?

Lacrosse is usually played on Grass of Turf.

What is a lacrosse ball made of?

Lacrosse balls are made out of solid indian rubber.

What is a lacrosse ball make of?

Lacrosse balls are made out of solid Indian rubber.

Two oldest competitive sports in the world?

Lacrosse, which was played by the American Indian Tribes, The Huron and the The Iroquois; and Soccer, played by the Aztecs.

Were the Inca's an Indian tribe?

Yes the Incas were an Indian Tribe.

Why do only the USA and Canada play lacrosse?

Lacrosse was originally a native american sport that the settlers of North America picked up and it morphed into the modern day sport. It was originally played by the Iroquois tribe and was called lacrosse by a French man who first called it the sticking French which is lacrosse.

What season do people play lacrosse?

Lacrosse can be played in fall and winter in indoor lacrosse, but it is mostly played in the spring and summer in outdoor lacrosse.