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Q: What Houston Texan retired in 2008?
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Who is the leader of the Texan Army?

Sam Houston.

Who was the texan leader of san jacinto?

Sam Houston.

Is the Houston texan's practice bubble open to the public?


What Texan leader defeated Santa Anna?

Sam Houston.

Who was the leader of the Texan army at San Jacinto?

General Sam Houston.

Who was the commander of the Texan Army who fought for independence against Mexico?

sam Houston

Who led Texans against Santa Anna?

Texan leader, Sam Houston.

Who was the Commander in Chief of all Texan armies at the Battle of the Alamo?

Sam Houston

When did Sam Houston become Commander in Chief of the Texan Army.?

In March of 1836.

Who was leader of Texan forces during the texas war for independence?

Sam Houston

Which Texan city is the location of NASA's MissionControl?

NASA is located in Houston Texas.

Will vince wilfork leave the patriots?

He joined the Houston Texan for the 2015 Nfl Season

Is curt schilling retired?

He retired in 2008

How did Sam Houston play an important part in the Texas War of Independence?

Houston commanded the Texan army which routed the Mexican army under Santa Anna at the Battle of San Jacinto, effectively driving the Mexican army out of Texas and paving the way for Texan independence.

Who was the leader of Texan forces that surprised General Santa Anna at San Jacinto?

General Sam Houston led the Texan army against Santa Anna in the most decisive battle of the Texan Revolution. By the way, the battle lasted only 18 minutes.

What are some good football sign ideas?

How do you keep a Houston Texan out of your yard? Put up a goalpost

Was Sam Houston in the battle of the Alamo?

Sam Houston was NOT in the Battle of the Alamo, though many people are mistaken and think he was. He was the commander of the Texan army, but was not present during the battle.

Why was Sam Houston important to Texas Independence?

Sam Houston was the leader of the Texan army. He was also important because he was a friend and protege of Andrew Jackson, who was President at the time.

What NFL team name was retired by the NFL?

Houston oilers

Has Dominic Hasek retired?

Yes he retired on 6/9/2008.

What hurricane hit Houston in 2008?

Hurricane Ike hit the Houston area in 2008.

What change took place after Texan victories at the battle of gonzales and goliad that led to the Texans' defeat at the Alamo?

Gonzales may be called a Texan victory, but at Goliad four hundred Texan soldiers surrendered and were executed by the Mexican Army. After the fall of the Alamo, General Houston had the Texan Army mobilized, and he kept it moving until he was ready to take on the Mexican Army at San Jacinto.

What Texan delivered a letter from the Alamo to sam Houston and later fought in the battle of san jacinto?

william Barret travis

List of baseball players whos retired jersey number is 7?

Through the 2009 season, there are two MLB teams that have retired the #7: 1) New York Yankees for Mickey Mantle in 1969. 2) Houston Astros for Craig Biggio in 2008.

Is Ellen ochoa retired?

Yes Ellen Ochoa is a retired astronaut. Ellen is currently the director of the Johnson Space Center located in Houston.