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charlie ward

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Q: What Heisman winner never played pro ball?
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Who was nicknamed ole ball coach and was a Heisman Trophy winner?

Steve Spurrier

Who was the first player taken in the first nfl draft?

The first NFL draft was held in 1936. The first player chosen was Jay Berwanger from the University of Chicago by the Philadelphia Eagles. Berwanger was the Heisman Trophy winner in 1935. He wound up choosing not to play pro ball and never played a down in the NFL.

Who are the professional football players that played their college ball at a military college?

Roger Staubach played for the Naval Academy and won the Heisman Trophy in 1962.

Did O.J. Simpson play college football for the Ohio State Buckeyes?

No, he played college ball at USC and won the Heisman Trophy. And lost to Ohio State.

Why isn't Monte ball in the Heisman discussion?

hes just too good

2010 world cup golden ball award winner?

The 2010 world cup golden ball winner was Diego Forlan.

Can a baseball player have a rookie card if he never played pro ball?


What is Calvin ball?

Calvin ball is a game that is played in Calvin and Hobbes. The rules never stay the same and are made up as one plays.

What is the value of an autographed football signed by three university of Oklahoma Heisman winners worth?

1/2 a cent, its an Oklahoma ball, getv a cowboy ball singed by him

Who was the most winner of foot ball world cup?


Who won are the Heisman finalists in 2011?

Montey Ball, Robert Griffin III, Andrew Luck, Tyrann Matthieu, and Trent Richardson.

How is volleyball and basketball alike in how there played?

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