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The USGA and the R&A have a full list of nonconforming Drivers on there wev site

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Q: What Golf Club Drivers are illegal?
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What kind of metal are golf club drivers made out of?

The majority of drivers are made from titanium.

What is a non conform golf club in golf?

A non conforming club is a club which exceeds the legal specifications set by the R&A and USGA. These clubs are therefore illegal in competition play.

Where can one purchase a golf clubs driver?

One can purchase golf club drivers for a discount from Rock Bottom Golf. One can also purchase drivers from Overstock or Amazon. Golfsmith is a company one can buy clubs from that specializes in golf.

What is the name for a golf club?

Thorney Park Golf club is the friendly golf club house in Iver.

Illegal golf club head?

An illegal golf club head is anything that is over 460cc's They are best found on the internet. I have one that is 650cc and oh man is it HUGE! I love it. It's is definitely a conversation peice. Hope this helps, Sean

Is a two way chipper a legal golf club?

No, clubs with two striking faces are illegal.

What is the cc stand for in golf club drivers?

This means cubic centimetres, and it refers to the size of the club head. It can also apply to fairway woods.

Is a two-sided club like a chipper with two identical sides illegal in golf?

Yes, clubs with two striking faces are illegal.

What type of club use for golf?

Golf Club.

What golf club has a longer shaft?

Drivers have the longest shafts of all clubs, with the exception of long-shafted putters.

A golf club with a wide head and a long shaft used for making long shots from the tee?

Driver or Drivers

Are square golf drivers illegal?

No. In fact, they are actually being used on the PGA Tour by players such as K.J. Choi and Rory Sabbatini. Although anyone who's seen the Callaway FT series (FT IQ) would probably agree they should be illegal, definitely the ugliest club out there.

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