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Real Madrid

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Q: What Football team plays in the Barnabeu Stadium in Spain?
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Which Spanish football team plays in the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium?

The Santiago Bernabéu is a football stadium in Madrid, Spain. It is the home ground of Real Madrid.

Who plays at the stadium light in football?

sunderland football club

Who plays at the Reebok Stadium?

Reebok Stadium is the home stadium of the Bolton Wanderers football club of the English PremierLeague.

Which football team plays at Kingston communications stadium?

Hull city football club

What football team plays at Autzen Stadium?

Oregon ducks

What football team plays at the emirates stadium in London?


Which team play at the Lamex stadium?

Stevenage F.C. , an English Football club, plays at Lamex Stadium.

Which football team plays at Mestalla in Spain?

Valencia Valencia C.F., Spain

What football team plays at mile high stadium?

Denver Broncos

Which football team plays at the Kingston Communications Stadium?

Hull City

What is Leicester city football club?

Leicester city is a football club who plays at the King power stadium

What is the name of UCLA stadium?

Drake Stadium is the only stadium on campus. It is where the Soccer Team plays. The football team plays at the Rose Bowl which is about 40 minutes away by car in Pasadena, California.