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English League Championship clubs and local rivals Cardiff City and Swansea City have met a total of 57 times in all competitions since their first clash in October 1929.

The head-to-head score is; Cardiff win - 18, Draw - 16, Swansea Win - 23.

They have met four times in the last decade, three times in league games and once in the League Cup. Swansea have won two games and the other two were draws, with a total aggregate score of Swansea 8-6 Cardiff.

This is the historic statistics.

More generally, each team has it attacking and defensive skills.

The comparison between any two teams has to be separately for attacking skills and separately for defensive.

Swansea City are currently in the Premier League (2011-12), and are - controversially - better.

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Q: What Football team is better Cardiff City or Swansea City?
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Are swansea AFC brilliant?

Of course Swansea city are brilliant and they are way better than Cardiff :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

Who won the Cardiff city verses swansea football club derby on the 6th February 2011?

Cardiff city, the best football team ever! Craig bellamy scored from 30 yards out to win for Cardiff on the 85th minute making the full time result 0-1 to Cardiff. It was played at home to Swansea

What are two city in wales?

Cardiff and Swansea

Who is the rival of swansea city?

in footballing terms; Cardiff city in fact in most terms Cardiff

What is the capital of Swansea?

Swansea, officially known as the City and County of Swansea, is a coastal city and county in Wales. It is not and does not have a capital. Cardiff is the capital of Wales.

What are the three major cities of Wales?

These are Cardiff, Newport and Swansea. They all lie on the South Coast of Wales. Cardiff is the capital, with Swansea being the second city.

Who is the best Welsh football club?

No dout at this moment in time SWANSEA CITY are the best team in Wales, not only their football but they are the first and only welsh team to be in the Premier league. So "The Jacks" are on top, no matter what any Cardiff fans say.

What happened between Cardiff City and Swansea City fans on New Year's Day?

There were fighting

Second largest city in Wales?

Cardiff! It has a population estimate of 341,100 for the year 2010

Is it true that Swansea is the second city of Wales?

Yes. The City and County of Swansea had a population in 2011 of 239,000 -- making it Wales's second largest city after Cardiff (pop. 346,100).

Is swansea bigger than Cardiff?

As far as football is concerned, then yes, Swansea is massively bigger than Cardiff. Swansea City FC are regarded worldwide as Wales' PREMIER football club, as they are competing in the English Premier League. Cardiff City FC meanwhile have never had the honour of being promoted to play in the best league England, and according to many, the best league in the world. Swansea City FC make many more millions of British pound sterling than it's local rival Cardiff City FC. Swansea City FC are financially sound, estimated to have a bank balance in the millions, while Cardiff City FC have been in heavy debt for several years, estimates place their date at around £35 million a few years ago. As Swansea City FC play in the Premier League, they are exposed to a global audience ranging from South America, to North America, to Europe, Asia and Africa. Swansea are considered everybodies "second team" due to their pleasing style of play which consists of dominating ball possession even against powerful clubs like Arsenal and Manchester United, while also producing accurate passing leading to FC Barcelona like accuracy. Cardiff City FC on the other hand play in the Championship, which is below the standard of the Premier League. They are have failed to win promotion on several occasion and at the time of writing they recently drew a game 0-0 to Brighton who are considered relegation fodder, it is unlikely Cardiff will ever win promotion to the Premier League as this is usually reserved for the best teams in any league. While Cardiff have to make do with loaning untested players who have not made any headlines from bigger teams to survive a season, Swansea are able to buy players like Michu who was the top goalscoring midfielder in the Spain's top league (La Liga - Ranked 2nd best league in the world). Michu scored 15 goals the season before joining Swansea, beating the likes of Xavi and Iniesta of FC Barcelona who have both featured in the voting for best player in the world over the last couple of seasons. Cardiff are usually forced to sell their best players to bigger and better clubs as they are unable to convince their own players they should stay in Cardiff. Swansea are able to attract the biggest names in football for coaching jobs, the current manager is Michael Laudrup, who is regarded as one of the finest players in all football history. Laudrup has stated he is extremely impressed with his Swansea squad. Cardiff however are managed by Malky Mackay, he is unknown beyond the border of Tonypandy, a village not far north of Cardiff with a population of six. For information about Swansea, the city, then please check on Wikipedia. For information on the two football teams discussed here, then I am afraid you will only see football matches for Swansea because nobody televises the Cardiff games.

Swansea city leading scorer against Cardiff city?

Darren pratley 6peter whittingham 28