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Gary Player 29 wins including 9 Majors

This is WRONG for two reasons

Gary Player is South African (hint - Africa is a different continent)

He had 24 PGA tour wins

Tommy Armour (Scotland) has 25 PGA Tour wins

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Q: What European golfer has the most PGA tour wins?
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Who is Sophie Gustafson?

Sophie Gustafson is a Swedish professional golfer. She is a member of U.S.-based LPGA Tour and a life member of the Ladies European Tour. She has five LPGA Tour and 23 international wins in her career.

Who was the most succestful black professional golfer ever before Tiger Woods?

In terms of Major wins Jack Nicklaus is the most successful golfer of all time, he has 18, Tiger Woods has 14. In regards to PGA tour wins Sam Snead is the all time leader.

Who is Gary Player?

Gary Player is a South African professional golfer, who holds the record for the most wins on the Sunshine Tour, standing at 73 as of December 2013.

How many victories does Tiger Woods have?

18 amateur wins, 68 PGA Tour wins, 36 European Tour wins, one Asian Tour win, two Japan Golf Tour wins, and 14 Major Championships

Which golfer has most major wins?

Jack Nicklaus, with 18.

What is the order of merit in golf?

The Order of Merit is the European Tour equivilent of the PGA Tour money list. The European Tour players have their winnings from European Tour sanctioned events, including the majors, compiled over the course of the season and whoever has won the most Euros at the end of the year wins the Order of Merit.

How many wins does Tiger Woods have internationaly?

Tiger Woods has 92 professional wins to his name. 68 PGA Tour wins 36 European Tour wins 2 Japan Tour wins 1 Asian Tour win 14 others. NB Some events are sanctioned by PGA Tour and European Tour so that is why the total is more than total wins. NB On 2nd August 2009 Tiger Woods enters the final Round of The Buick Open as leader, he will probably win it.

What PGA golfer has the most major tournament wins?

Jack Nicklaus with 18.

Which golfer has the second most pro wins?

Tiger Woods with 74....... Sam Snead in first with 82

Who is Patty Sheehan?

Patty Sheehan is a professional golfer. Patty joined the LPGA Tour in 1980, and has racked up six major championships. She has 42 total professional wins.

How many tour wins did Tiger Woods have in 2001?

He won 5 PGA Tour Titles including one Major, The 2001 Masters. He also won 2 European Tour events.

Most consecutive PGA Tour wins in a row?

Byron Nelson