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Assuming you already have all the other equipment needed to care for a horse (grooming, stable care etc.) Then you'll need the following items, and they apply to all the types of riding.

Saddle: fitted to the horse it's used on

Saddle pad/blanket/numnah: in your choice of color.

Girth/cinch: measured to fit the horse and saddle.

Bridle: In leather or synthetic, sized for your horse, and in a color of your choice or matching your saddle.

Bit: In a model suited to your horse, or you can go bit-less if your horse is trained to do so.

Reins: Some bridles come with them, some do not, you can pick the right length, color, and material for you and your horse.

Anything beyond the items listed above is mainly preference and/ or need, such as martingales/tie-downs, breast-collars/plates, cruppers etc.
depends really on what style of riding you participate in. most people ride in a simple English all-purpose saddle. i ride in dressage, so i use a dressage saddle, as well as an Australian stock saddle (kind of like a western saddle) when i work with cattle. some horses need more than a saddle and bridle, such as breast plates, martingales to keep them from pulling their heads up, boots to protect their legs etc.

or do you mean equipment for yourself? you should always ride in an approved helmet (NEVER a bike helmet) and helmet's should be replaced after any major impact as it weakens their strength in protecting your head. and flat-soled boots.
that depends on what kind of equpiment ur talking about. horse's equipment or the rider's equpiment? horse: saddle, bridle, halter, grooming supplies, saddle pads, bits....the list goes on and on rider: breeches/ jeans, helmet, riding boots, gloves, show clothes, hlf chaps, spurs...again the list goes on and on unless ur more specifice in what type of equipment.

Required equipment depends on what style of riding you are doing. Formal equestrian riding is different from western riding.

At a minimum you will need footwear that will permit you to grab the stirrups and pants that will protect you, partially, from friction with the saddle or horse's back.

With formal riding you must ALWAYS wear a well fitting riding hat. Tough shoes, preferably long riding boots should be worn and a body protector is also an important piece of equitment to protect your back and ribs if you fall off.

If you want to ride a horse you need a saddle all tacked up a bridle and anything else your horse may need. To get on the horse or mount it you need something to stand on if you cant get your leg up high enough.
English: for the rider, you need a helmet and vest. you can use gloves, a crop, spurs, and half or full chaps.

English: for the horse you most commonly just need a square saddle pad, a fitted saddle pad, a bridle, a bit, and a girth. you need a martingale for jumping.

Western: for the rider, most wear either a cowboy hat, a cap or no hat at all. A few use helmets. I advise you use a helmet no matter your disipline. Then, for normal riding clothes, just any shirt that you don't mind getting dirty and jeans. You can choose to have gloves if you want. You can also wear chaps and/or spurs. And western boots. You want a heel to them to prevent them slipping through the stirup, which can get you hung up in the stirup, and this can result in you getting dragged should you fall off. It's also good for them to have a smooth sole so they are easy to slip out of the stirrup incase you flal or something. Just a safety precaution.

Western: For the horse, if you aren't riding bareback, you'll need a western saddle pad, a western saddle, and a bridle. You may choose to use back cinch and/or a breast collar. For the bridle, you can decide if you want a throatlatch and what kind of brow band you want: a normal one, a split ear, or a single ear.

` If it's one of those things where you're not trying to be fancy and just enjoying the ride, any pants that are comfortable and that protect your leg well. A shoe (most people say boot) with a heel (no open toe!). A shirt that can get dirty without you minding, and if you want, gloves. For your horse, the discipline chooses that! That's all explained above... You don't NEED extra things like safety vests, martigales, polo wraps, etc, but those are some things people may want (or the horse may even need). Wearing a helmet is a big discussion in horse riding, and everyone has a different opinion. All in all, wear one if you want. No one but your instructor, barn owner, guardians, etc can really control that. I'd rather feel the wind in my hair, but better safe than sorry! :) ` Have fun! `
a horse rider should ALWAYS wear a helmet when around horses. When mounting your horse you just need a positive attitude and a mounting block or a leg-up is a must. Once on your horse if you want to trot you cluck or squeeze with your legs. If that does not work use a CROP. Tap the horse on his butt to reinforce that you want him to move. Rember, this isn't supposed to hurt. If you are jumping you ned half chaps and jeans or riding pants are fine. Cantering is a bit faster and don't try this until you have mastered a sitting(not posting) trot WITHOUT sturrips. At first you may need to hold on to some mane to feel more secure. Anyway, when mounting the horse you need a bridle, saddle, boots, spurs(if your horse misbehaves, make sure you are using them correctly), crop, martingale(if jumping or horse has short stride) saddle pads, sturrips, helemet, boots, half chaps, and girth.
it depends on which discipline you're riding. however, the most basic is a bridle, a saddle, and a saddle pad. and a lot of people like to put boots on their horses.

for people, you should never ride in shorts. also never ride in tennis shoes, get REAL riding boots. a helmet also should always be worn, especially if you're a beginner.

To look at what horse riding equipment you may need there is a good site called Throstlenest Saddlery

If you are riding at my barn and are a minor, you will need a helmet and riding boots. I do not wear a helmet on a horse, but I probably should. I can not tell you how many times I have had close calls. The boots are more important then the helmet though. Tennis shoes are a absolute no no and will get you kicked off my property for riding in them.

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saddle, bridle, girth, saddle pad, crop, helmet, jodhpurs, spurs

It's important not to forget what equipment is required to care for the horse, as well as to care for your equipment! Means of removing manure and delivering bedding to the stall are essential, as well as feed and an adequate supply of clean, flowing water. Halters and leads are basic handling equipment, as well as care essentials such as polo/standing wraps, hoof picks, cleansers, curries and brushes, etc.

Also required are cleaning supplies for your tack, including a cleaner, conditioner, and sealer for all leather saddlery.

A trailer is necessary to haul the horse, and adequate pasture is a must. The point is, it's difficult to narrow down what equipment is required by horses and their owners!

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The most basic equipment you need is:

if just for pleasure you simply need > >

helmet (safety first!)

saddle and numnah or saddle blanket


protective boots for your horse or pony (most commonly used are open fronts)

whip (optional but recommended even if not used)

to make the jumps you can use a variety of things...provided that they are safe

some things that i have used before when i had no access to my 'proper' jumps were > >

plastic chairs

plastic garbage bins (empty feed bins)

firewood logs

pool toys (the foam 'logs')

and a lot more!

its amazing how versatile jumps can be as long as they are created with the safety of both horse and rider in mind

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It really depends what you plan to do with your horse. For general purposes, you would need a halter, leadrope, some brushes, a saddle, bridle, saddle blanket and maybe a martaingale or breastplate.

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The main piece of equipment required for Olympic horse riding or equestrian events is a horse. This can be very expensive since to compete at the Olympics you need a very good horse. Other equipment required are a riding hat, riding boots, saddle, bridle, whip, jodhpurs and a jacket

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A helmet, boots for you, a saddle, a bridle, boots for the horse, and most importantly, A HORSE!

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