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AnswerA net, volleyball, ref and players are needed to play volleyball.
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2011-02-05 15:32:31
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Q: What Equipment is needed to play vollyball?
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What equipment was used in volleyball?

a vollyball, a net, kneepads

How do you play vollyball?


What equipment is needed to play Chinese checkers?

What equipment is needed to play Chinese checkers?a board and peicesthank youcomment please

What equipment is needed to play street soccer?

There are not many pieces of equipment that is needed to play street soccer. All that is needed is a ball, space to play and people to play with. Goals are nice but there can be homemade ones.

What equipment is needed to play boxing?

you dont PLAY boxing.

What surface do you play vollyball on?

You can play on a court or at on a sand court

What equipment is needed to play basketball?

The equipment you need to play are a hoop, a ball, and some team members.

Equipment for baseball?

There are not many pieces of equipment that are needed to play baseball such as a glove. You will also need a bat to play baseball.

What happens when the vollyball hits the vollyball antenna?

The ball is out of play if it hits the antenna. The team that hit the ball into the antenna loses the point.

What equipment is needed to play soccer?

You will a ball, goalposts, boots, a kit, and somewhere to play

How many players in a vollyball team?

32 i play reps and i am gay

How do you say vollyball in french?


What is the equipment needed to play chess?

Chess pieces and a board, and when you get good, a timer.

Who changed the game of vollyball to vollyball?

Vollyball and Vollyball are the same things. They are both of the same sports, so basiclly asking the question is pointless.

How many player play in volleyball?

There are 6 players in each team of vollyball

Where was vollyball originated at?

Vollyball was originated in Holyoke, Massachusetts

What is the equipment of baseball?

Equipment needed to play baseball: baseball baseball bat baseball glove home plate three bases

What is a libero in vollyball?

A defensive specialist. They go in for the middles and play just in the back row.

How do you say i play volleyball at the beach in spanish?

juego vollyball en la playa.

What Sports from the 1500 that are now illegal?

Head ball, Where you play vollyball with peoples heads.

Did Jim Carey ever play sports in his life?

no...he has never played womens vollyball

What equipment qould be needed to perform this experiment?

What equipment was needed for this experiment

What equipment is needed to play squash?

The basic equipment needed to play squash are - - Athletic clothing, e.g. shorts, t-shirt, track suit, etc. - Indoor Court Shoes - Squash Racket - Eye Protection - Squash Ball You are now ready to play squash!

Why equipment is needed to play badminton?

What* 1 net 2/4 rackets 50 birdies

Where was vollyball invented?

vollyball was invented in 1895 at the Holyoke, Massachusetts(u.s.a).