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Q: What English player has played for 3 different champion league clubs in the champions league and England?
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Who won the champions leaugue in 2008?

The English club Manchester United won the champion league cup in 2008.

What is the Champion's League song?

The song of the Champion's League is simply titled "Champions League." The song was written by English composer Tony Britten and released in August 1992,

Who were the last all English born team to win the champions league?

The last English club to win the Champion league is Liverpool. In the year 2005.

Can you name an England player who has played in champions league for 3 English clubs?


What English player has a champions league medal but never a cap for England?

Steve Bruce

Which team emerged the English Premier League champions in the 1999-00 season?

Manchester United was the 1999-00 champion.

Which team emerged the English Premier League champions in the 2000-01 season?

Manchester United was the 2000-01 champion.

Name of the 2 last English teams who won the champions league?

The last two English teams to win a champion league are Liverpool and Manchester United.

How many times have England won the champions league?

England have never won it. English clubs have won the Champions League/European Cup 12 times. From 1955 up until 1992, it was known as the European Cup and since then it has been the Champions League. Since it became known as the Champions League English clubs have won it 4 times.

Does champions league red card affect English premier league?

The red card in a champion league and in the E.P. Are in no way connected.

Who is the only English player to have played in the champions league for 3 different English clubs?

David Batty

What English player has won champions league with 2 different CLUBS?


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