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he is a Liverpool fan

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Q: What English football team does Humza Arshad Support?
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How old is humza arshad?


Is Humza Arshad a Muslim?

Yes, yes he is.

What is humza arshad is email?

I dont even know¬

Does Humza Arshad blackberry messenger?

ive met humza in his shop and he had a blackberry i dont know if he has messenger!

What street does humza arshad live in?

14 Parklands road Tooting

What is diary of bad mans real name?

His name is Humza Arshad

Is humza arshad married?

he is married..there are lots of pictures of him getting married

Where does humza arshad live?

Humza Arshard ( who acts in diary of a bad man ) lives in South London,Croydon Sydenham area.

When is diary of bad man 5 coming out?

diary of a badman 5 is hopefully coming out the 1st week of february or b4 valentines day. Humza Arshad has posted this on facebook. Amal Bider wrote this Humza's Fan and Omer's Fan !

When is diary of a bad man 6 comin out?

Hi everyone this is humza arshad, im bringing it out on 18th march on red nose day! hope you enjoy it!

What is Diary of a Badman?

Diary of a Badman is an sensational youtube hit. It stars Humza Arshad and many more. So far there are 6 sequels, each individual one is linked to another. It's amazing and world wild known.

Who is better humza arshad or Ryan higa?

Ryan Higa and if u like him check out Chester See and D T'rix the Dominc show and Victor Victor Kim they r in his youtube videos Victors from and D T'rix r from Quest Crew