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Q: What English football league team has four L's in it name?
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Which English football team has 5rs in its name?

The English football team who has 5 R's in the conference league is Kidderminster Harriers. A English football team that has four R's in its name is the Tranmere Rovers.

Which English football league team has a j in its name?


How many English league football teams have ton in there name?


Which English league football team has no repetitive letters in its name?

There are a few: Port Vale, Rochdale and Aldershot, to name but three.

Which british football league club has the Shortest name?

the shortest name in the british football league is Bury

The national football league was formed in what year?

The National Football League was founded in 1920 under the name American Professional Football Association. The name was changed to National Football League in 1922.

Name all English football league clubs beginning with b that contain latin on their club badge?

bob the builder

What is the name of the championship for American football?

NFL (national football league) NCAAF (college football) XFL (X-treme football---banned) AFL (Arena football league) UFL (United Football league) CFL (Canadian Football League) EFL (European Football League)

Which year was the english premier league name changed?

The official name of the English Premier League - the top football division in England - is the Barclays Premier League. It has been sponsored by Barclays Bank since 2004 - and was known as the Barclays Premiership between 2004 and 2007.

Why did the American Professional Football Association change to the National Football League?

The American Football League changed their name to the National Football League because not only America was playing it. I mean Football was started in the U.k by Walter Camp. Football is a National sport so there for the name was changed.

Nick Name of Sunderland Football Club?

The Sunderland Association Football Team is an English football team who play in the Premier League. Their official nickname that most people know they by are the Black cats.

Name all teams in the English football league that do not contain any of these letters g o a l?

there isn't any u douche