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Um. i know that Arsenal have but im unsure about any others.

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Burnley and Wolves

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Wolves Burnley Sheffield United Portsmouth

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Q: What English clubs have completed a single season unbeaten?
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Which team has the longest unbeaten run in the Scottish Premier League?

Longest unbeaten run (all): Celtic currently hold the UK record for an unbeaten run in professional football : 62 games (49 won, 13 drawn), from 13 Nov 1915 until 21 April 1917- a total of 17 months and four days in all (they lost at home to Kilmarnock on the last day of the season).Longest unbeaten run (home): Celtic also hold the SPL record for an unbeaten run of home matches (77), spanning from 2001 to 2004 (this run was ended by a 3-2 defeat to Aberdeen on 21 April 2004), and the record for the longest run of consecutive wins in a single season (25 matches).

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What was the most prolific strike partnership over a single season in English Premier League history?

it was 64 goals between Andy cole and peter beardsley in the 93-94 season for Newcastle united.

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