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The Orioles are in the American League East.

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Q: What Division Are the Baltimore Orioles In?
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How many total division titles have the Baltimore Orioles Won?


Are the Orioles in Major League Baseball?

Yes, they are the Baltimore Orioles of the Eastern Division of Major League Baseball's American League.

Where are the New York Yankees in their 2012 Division race?

Currently, the Yankees lead the Baltimore Orioles by 1 game in the A.L. East Division.

When were the Baltimore Orioles established?

The Baltimore Orioles were established in 1901.

What state do the Baltimore Orioles come from?

The Baltimore Orioles are from Maryland.

What is a 1968 Baltimore Orioles photo pennant worth?

baltimore orioles is worth

Who won the 1983 American League Western Division championship?

Chicago White Sox. They lost the ALCS to the Baltimore Orioles.

What year did the Baltimore Orioles start playing in Baltimore?

The Orioles started playing in Baltimore in 1954 at Memorial Stadium.

What is Baltimore Orioles region?

Baltimore, Maryland

Where do Baltimore Orioles birds belong?


What is Adam Jones's number on the Baltimore Orioles?

Adam Jones is number 10 on the Baltimore Orioles.

What is Brian Matusz's number on the Baltimore Orioles?

Brian Matusz is number 17 on the Baltimore Orioles.