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Running back Duane Thomas.

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Q: What Dallas Cowboys player wore No. 33 in 1970?
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Which cowboy wore 33 in 1970?

Rookie running back Duane Thomas wore No. 33 for the Dallas Cowboys during the 1970 season.

What player wore number 85 for the Dallas Cowboys?

Kevin Ogletree

What was Cliff Harris' number with the Dallas Cowboys?

Harris, the great Dallas safety who was inducted into the Cowboys Ring of Honor in 2004, wore No. 43 from 1970 to 1979.

Who wore No. 33 for the Dallas Cowboys in 1970?

The enigmatic Dallas Cowboys running Duane Thomas, who refused to talk to his teammates, his coaches and the news media during one phase of his brief career, wore No. 33 during the 1970 and 1971 seasons.

What player named Williams wore jersey number 11 for the Dallas Cowboys?

Wide receiver Roy E. Williams wore the number for the Dallas Cowboys from 2008 to 2010.

Who wore number 8 for Dallas Cowboys?

Troy Aikman wore #8 for the Cowboys.

Who wore number 43 for the Dallas Cowboys?

Two notable players who wore number 43 for the Dallas Cowboys were All-Pro running back Don Perkins (1961-68) and All-Pro safety Cliff Harris (1970-79).

Who wore the number forty four for the dallas cowboys?

Fullback Robert Newhouse was the best-known Cowboys player to wear No. 44.

What former player wore jersey number 11 for the dallas cowboys?

Quarterback-punter Danny White wore No. 11 during his career with the Dallas Coiwboys (1976-88).

Who wore 72 for Dallas Cowboys?

Defensive end Ed "Too Tall" Jones was the most famous Cowboys player to wear No. 72.

Who wore 40 for Dallas Cowboys?

Bill Bates. ,

What Dallas Cowboys wore 34?

Herschel Walker.

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