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It has happened many times. Among the Dallas Cowboys who have played for the Washington Redskins: running backs Calvin Hill and Duane Thomas, tight end Jean Fugett, defensive end Stephen Bowen and placekicker Shaun Suisham.

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Q: What Dallas Cowboys player went on to play for the Washington Redskins?
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What player had 3 touchdown catches in the vicotry of the Dallas Cowboys in Washington during the 2005 season?

Chris Cooley caught three touchdowns for the Redskins in a 35-7 rout of the Cowboys.

What Syracuse university football player has the most super bowl rings?

WR Art Monk who won 3 with the Washington Redskins and RB Daryl Johnston who won 3 with the Dallas Cowboys.

What year did terry crews play for Dallas Cowboys?

Terry Crews is an actor and former NFL player. He never played for the Dallas Cowboys. He did however play for the Los Angeles Rams in the year 1991, the San Diego Chargers in 1993, the Washington Redskins in 1995, and the Philadelphia Eagles in 1996.

Dallas Cowboys first African American player?

Who was Dallas cowboys first African American player in American history?

Who was the first black player on the redskins team?

The first blacks to play in a regular-season game for the Washington Redskins were flanker Bobby Mitchell, halfback Leroy Jackson and guard John Nisby. They all played in the September 16, 1962 season opener between Washington and their future rivals, the Dallas Cowboys, at the Cotton Bowl. The game ended in a 35-35 tie.

What player had 3 touchdown catches in the 35-7 vicotry of the Dallas Cowboys in Washington during the 2005 season?

chris cooley

How many player do the dallas cowboys have in 2013?


Asian player for the Dallas Cowboys?

Dat Nguyen

Who is the oldest player on the Dallas Cowboys?

Jon Kitna

Who has worn Number 12 for the Dallas Cowboys?

The most famous player to wear the number 12 for the dallas cowboys was Roger Staubach

Was Bret Romero ever on the Dallas Cowboys roster?

No. The Dallas Cowboys have never had a player named Romero on their regular-season roster.

Who is the shortest player on the Washington Redskins?

Banks the returner

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