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The NFL Network recently aired a special series titled "The Top 100: NFL's Greatest Players," featuring a list compiled by a panel of experrts and fan votes. The highest-ranking member of the Dallas Cowboys was defensive tackle Bob Lilly, whose Hall of Fame career spanned the years 1961 to 1974. He was No. 26.

Others players who spent all or part of their careers with the Cowboys were:

• Emmitt Smith (No. 28).

• Deion Sanders (No. 34).

• Lance Alworth (No. 38).

• Roger Staubach (No. 46).

• Mike Ditka (No. 59).

• Randy White (No. 62).

• Herb Adderley (No. 64).

• Tony Dorsett (No. 77).

• Troy Aikman (No. 80).

• Michael Irvin (No. 92).

• Larry Allen (No. 95)

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The Cowboys franchise wasn't in existence in the late 1940's. They debuted in 1960 and played their first season. The Dallas Cowboy player known as the cowboy was Walt Garrison and he played the position of running back for the Cowboys.

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Bob Lilly (DT 1961-1974)

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Q: What DALLAS cowboy is nickname mr. cowboy?
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