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The University of Kentucky belongs to the SEC Conference.

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Q: What Conference Is Western Kentucky University In?
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When was Western Kentucky University created?

Western Kentucky University was created in 1906.

When was Western Kentucky University-Owensboro created?

Western Kentucky University-Owensboro was created in 1980.

When was Western Kentucky University Heating Plant created?

Western Kentucky University Heating Plant was created in 1927.

Does Kentucky university have baseball?

Yes, they play in the Southeastern Conference.

What is the winningest southeastern conference basketball program?

the university of Kentucky wildcats

To which conference does the university of Kentucky belong to?

They play in the SEC for all sports.

Who was the player that transferred from Western Kentucky University to the University of Kentucky and played guard?

You may be thinking of Patrick Sparks, who transferred to the University of Kentucky in 2003.

What colleges can I take a vet tech classes in Kentucky?

Eastern Kentucky University, University of Kentucky, Murray State, Morehead State University, Northern Kentucky University, Western Kentucky University are few colleges that teach vet tech classes.

What schools from Kentucky are represented in the mens basketball tournament 2008?

Western Kentucky, Louisville, Kentucky University

What year did University of Kentucky join the southeastern conference?

The University of Florida's first season in the SEC was 1933.

How many football conference championships has the University of Kentucky won?

Two - 1950 & 1977.

What is the minimum act scores to get in Western Kentucky University?