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Q: What Color of hat does the football referees wear?
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What type of referee wears black hat with white stripes?

American Football referees

What colors to wear with a Black hat?

The color white

What color hat does papa Smurf wear?


What color hat can you wear with a black shirt?

any colour

Why cant you wear a hat in soccer?

yes they do where hats in football the goal keepers

Who will wear the hat?

i will wear the hat!

What colour hat goes with magenta dress?

If you are wearing a magenta dress, you will want to wear a black hat. You could wear a teal hat, but magenta is a very bold color so you do not want to distract from the outfit with the hat.

What hat can you wear?

You can wear any hat.

What colour hat should you wear with a coral dress?

Light cream ruffle textured hat or the exact same color

Why does Arnold wear a black hat in Indiana Jones movies?

I don't know. Maybe that was the only color hat that they had on set?

A word starting with f you wear?

* flip-flops * fur coat * formal gown * fez (hat) * fedora (hat) * football uniform

What does it mean when a soccer player wears a hat?

The only football/soccer player who will wear a hat is the goalkeeper. This is because the sun is in their eyes. No other player on the pitch would wear a hat as they wouldn't be able to head the ball properly.

You wear this on your head?

A hat?

What color is Spongbob's hat?

He has several different hats. When he sleeps he either wears a pink hat or a green hat. When he works he wears a Black and White hat. But he may wear a hat that you've never seen before on an episode.

What color is a french person hat?

French people rarely wear hats these days. There is no standard colour for them.

Did Harry S. Truman wear a hat a lot?

no he did not wear a hat alot

How do you wear your hair if you wear a hat?

it all depends on the hat if it is a ballcap wear a ponytail if its a fancy hat wear your hair down straighten curly or natrully its up to you really

What color hat is most popular?

The color black for a hat is and will always be the most popular hat for men.

What kind of hat does laurel and hardy wear?

what kind of hat did laurel and hardy wear?

What hat did Michael Jackson wear in the Beat It video?

He didn't wear a hat in Beat It.

What color head covering should a man wear at a Jewish service?

A black hat or skullcap will always be appropriate.

What color is papa smurfs hat?

The color of Papa Smurfs hat is red.

Do you have to wear a hat when you visit Australia by law?

You do not have to wear a hat when you visit Australia. Some people choose to wear a hat based on the type of climate Australia is.

What kind of hat does a chef wear?

chef hat

What is the name of the hat magician wear?

A magic hat