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Their jerseys can be either blue (home), white (away), or orange (alternate).

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Q: What Color Are The Jerseys Of The Chicago Bears?
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What color jerseys to Chicago Bears wear away?

White jersey with navy pants or white pants.

Where can one purchase a Chicago Bears jersey?

Chicago Bears jerseys can be purchased from many sports retailers and stores. Some examples that stock Chicago Bears jerseys include Finish Line, Fans Edge, and Nike Store.

Why are the Chicago blackhawk jerseys red?

The jerseys are red because that is the main color of the Chicago Blackhawks jersey, and that is how it worked into the color scheme.

Why do the Chicago Bears' jerseys have the initials GSH on them?

In honor of George S. Halas, a former player, coach and owner of the Chicago Bears.

What was the color of the jerseys for the Chicago Bulls in 1999?

The color of the jerseys for the Chicago Bulls in 1999 was red, white and black. The term was founded in 1966 and has participated in many championships.

What places sell Chicago Bears Jerseys?

Chicago Bears Jerseys can be brought from many online stores, including: NFL Shop, the official Chicago Bears site, Dick's Sporting Goods, and other similar providing shops. Many also sell them on their own using sites such as Craiglist and other fan sites.

What's the color of Chicago Bears t shirt?

The Chicago bears t shirt is red which is the signature color the the football team. The Chicago bears t shirt because of the color red is usually confused with the Chicago Bulls t shirt of which Michael Jordan made famous. But the colors are the same for the Chicago bears t shirt and the Chicago Bulls t shirt.

What number did Neal Anderson Chicago Bears wear?

Neal Anderson played before numbers were introduced to jerseys.

What is the Chicago Bears main color?

Navy Blue

What color are the Chicago Bears helmets?

Dark blue.

Where did the Arizona Cardinals get their name?

From the color of their jerseys. Chris O'Brien, who organized the team in Chicago in 1898, bought "cardinal red" jerseys for his team to wear.

What color are the Chicago Bears?

Dark blue, orange, and white.

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