What Chicago bears wore number 88?

Updated: 9/27/2023
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Mike Singletary 50, Payton 34, Steve McMichael 76, McMahon 9, Gary Fencik 45, William Perry 72, Richard Dent 95, Dan Hampton 99, Otis Wilson 55, Willie Gault 83, Steve Fuller 4, Mike Richardson 27.

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These numbers have been retired by the Chicago Bears:

: 3 -- Bronko Nagurski : 5 -- George McAfee : 7 -- George Halas : 28 -- Willie Galimore : 34 -- Walter Payton : 40 -- Gale Sayers : 41 -- Brian Piccolo : 42 -- Sid Luckman : 51 -- Dick Butkus : 56 -- Bill Hewitt : 61 -- Bill George : 66 -- Bulldog Turner : 77 -- Red Grange ;

; #50 Worn by Mike Singletary has been unofficially retired and has not been worn since he retired

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Dennis McKinnon wore it for the Bears in the 80's.

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Q: What Chicago bears wore number 88?
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Dante Rosario is number 88 on the Chicago Bears.

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Lynn Swann wore #88 for the steelers.

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Patrick Kane's number is 88 on the Chicago Blackhawks

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Chicago Bears players to ever wear unmber 17?

Some significant players who have worn number 87 for the Chicago Bears include All-Pro wide receiver Harlon Hill (1954-61), defensive end Ed O'Bradovich (1962-71), tight end Emery Moorehead (1982-88 -- he wore number 43 in 1981), wide receiver Tom Waddle (1989-94), wide receiver Ricky Proehl (1997) and wide receiver Muhsin Muhammad (2005-07). Tight end Kellen Davis (2008-11) is the most recent player to wear 87 for the Bears.

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