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Scotty "The Bulldog" Olson

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Q: What Canadian boxer is known as The Bulldog?
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If you breed a boxer and a bulldog do you get a pitbull?


What is a bull boxer?

A bull boxer is a mix between a boxer and an English bulldog. There are several different kinds of crosses, such as the bulloxer, which is a boxer and American bulldog, a bullboxer pit, which is a boxer and an American pit bull terrier, and a staffy bull which is a boxer and a staffordshire bull terrier. jamie is weak

What is a standard masotdog?

The most used mascot is the bulldog and the boxer.

What is a bulldogee?

1/2 English Bulldog, 1/2 Boxer

What animals start with a 'B' and live in Texas?

· Beagle · Bloodhound · Boxer · Bulldog

Name a pet beginning with the letter b?

· Beagle · Bloodhound · Boxer · Bulldog

Who is Stephen Reynolds?

There are many well known Stephen Reynolds, including a Canadian TV director, an American movie producer and an Irish boxer.

How can you get your boxer bulldog to gain weight?

Try mixing soymilk with an egg. That is what worked for my dog after she had her first pup

What is the genetic heritage of boxer dogs?

Boxers were breed between the American bulldog and the bullenbeiser which is now extinct.

What breeds are used as guard dogs?

German sheperd, bulldog, boxer and generally any dog that barks a lot

Who was known as Darwin's bulldog?


How big will an English bulldog boxer get?

Males - 15 to 18 inches at the shoulder. Females - 14 to 18 inches at the shoulder.