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Q: What Can you fill a lacrosse stick with to make it heavy?
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If you spraypaint your lacrosse stick shaft will it make it heavy?

It will make it slightly heaver but not much. The paint chip off giving/taking checks from people

How do you make a bamboo lacrosse stick?

hard work and dedication

How do you make a lacrosse stick out of symbols?

============/----------)---)-}} ===========|------------)---)--)) ============\----------)---)-}} It takes practice and a real lax bro;-)

What does a legal girls lacrosse stick pocket look like?

Put the ball in your stick, make your stick eye level. & see if you can see some of the ball over the head of your lacrosse stick. Meaning, that the whole ball is not completely inside the whole stick. If it is inside the whole head of your stick, you need to tighten your netting.

How do you make a soft mesh lacrosse stick hard mesh?

re-string it with hard mesh.

Why is it better if a lacrosse stick has more stringing holes?

because then u can make it tighter or loose easier

How do you make a glow stick?

You get a tube and fill it with glowey stuff thers your answer

How do you make a lacrosse stick longer?

Duck tape another pole(cut however long you want it) onto the end.

What is a lacrosse ball make of?

Mainly white for boys and yellow for girls. The MLL uses orange balls.

Can a player make contact to an opponent's body with their stick or body from behind in lacrosse?

theres a penalty called push from behind...think about it

How do you make paletas de chamoy?

Get the tounge stick then get a then cup fill with chamoy and put the stick in the cup and put it in freezer

How do you make kiwing fillings for donut?

They stick a hole in the dounut and fill it with kiwi filling