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in wwe wreckless intent

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Q: What CD is the motorhead king of kings song in?
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Who sing Triple H entrance song?

The rap version of The Game is on WWE Anthology CD "Now!",his "My Time" theme is on WWE Anthology set, and 2 DX themes as well (The "Attitude Era" CD.) His latest theme,King Of Kings by Motorhead, is on the WWE CD "Wreckless Intent".

What is the name of Triple H's theme song he used on the April 3rd edition of Raw and where can you download it?

I believe its called King of Kings... downloading maybe Itunes, or a filesharing program (which are illegal). But on i believe May 23rd WWE is releasing another CD that will feature this theme. (thanks to Wrestlezone for the information about the CD) There are two songs use for Triple H : Motorhead's song name "The Game" (the one he's using for the moment) and one other also called "The Game" made by Drowning Pool.

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