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Q: What Brand bowling ball is noted for the most 300 recorded games?
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What is another word for recorded?

noted and tracked?

How do you use the phrase duly noted in a sentences?

"Duly noted" actually is a sentence. It means that something is correctly or appropriately recorded.

When was the first recorded eclipse?

The first recorded solar eclipse was recorded in stone in 3340 B.C. on the 30th of November. The first recorded lunar eclipse was noted in 690 A.D. It was recorded in the "Annales Cambriae."

How is wind direction recorded?

Wind direction is recorded according to the direction from which it blows. The direction is noted using the eight directions on the compass.

What is a good camping brand?

A well noted camping brand is Coleman. It has everything from sleeping bags to a line of dog toys, if you need it to camp Coleman probably makes it.

What is Studio 2 most noted for?

Studio 2 is an part of the famous Abbey Road music studio in England. Studio 2 is most noted for the famous group the Beatles, who recorded most of their music there.

What is Bulgaria most noted for?

Bulgaria is most noted for producing some great brands. One of the brands is Romika shoes which are rebranded as the brand Nike shoes. Bulgaria has also had an astronaut in space before.

How chess is recorded?

The chessman and it's position upon the board is noted ~ see related link below for a tutorial on how to mark the moves .

When comet discovered?

The appearance of comets has been noted throughout recorded history. Cavemen undoubtedly saw them, but had no way to tell us about it.

Is chase durer a celebrity or who is he?

Chase-Durer is a brand of watch. This line of watches is especially noted for its style, as well as its durability, both on the ground and in the air.

What is Jessica Nail most noted for?

Jessica Nail is most known for it's nail polish brand. This brand offers a wide variety of nail polishes that boast features like instant dry time and high tolerance to UV light.

What role did Gessius Florus play in the first Jewish revolt?

He was noted for his greed and his injustice to the Jews of Judea, and is recorded by Josephus as having been a major the cause of the Jewish revolt.