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I don't know of a Bruin who did this, but in a game in the 1923 playoffs King Clancy played all six positions.

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Q: What Boston Bruin played all six positions?
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Goaltender best goaltender of all time for the Boston bruins?

Gerry Cheevers was the best Boston Bruin goaltender.

Where was game played that campaneris played all positions?

Kansas City. Bert Campaneris played all 9 positions for the Athletics on September 8, 1965 in a game against the California Angels.

Who played all six positions in a hockey game?

King Clancy

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Who played all nine positions in one major league game?

Bert Campaneris.

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itn w dfsfbd sdfjhfgb 54932516gfgfg fgfvfgfgfdgfd

Any minor league players that played all 9 positions in one game?

Justin Toole

Which MLB player played all 9 positions on the field in 1988?

Jose Oquendo for St Louis Cardinals

Who is the only player in the current Premiership to have played in all 11 positions in a game for his club. He has also played 68 times for his country?

John O'Shea

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Who is the Boston bruin announcer in the td banknorth garden?

Andy Brickley can someone stop his running mouth? He just goes on and on about position, what the player did or should have done with the puck....he is not enjoyable at all to listen to because he never shuts up. Barbara quincy, Ma

What do Ted WilliamsCarl yastremski and Jim Rice all have in common?

They all played left field for the Boston Red Sox.

Who has played the most games for Boston Celtics?

John Havlicek is the Celtics all-time leader in games played with 1,270 games.

What position did Pete Rose play?

Pete Rose played all 3 Outfield positions but he had also played 1st base and he played the most games at 1st base. Pete also played three out of the four infield positions, he never played at Shortstop. Rose played 1,334 games as an Outfielder, 939 at 1B, 634 at 3B, and 628 at 2B.

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