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I'm a 1996 grad of Belle Vernon High School. I found these one day just wondering who from my high school made it to the pros. Hope this helps answer your question.

William Contz - Pro Teams(s) - CLE & NO, Years Pro 1983-1988, Position(s) - OT-T, games played63

Merlyn Condit - Pro Team(s) - PIT, Brooklyn Dodgers, WAS, Years Pro 1940-1946, Position- HB, games played 53

Valerio Jansante- Pro Team(s) - PIT & GB , Years Pro 1946-1951, Postion- E, games played 68

Albert Rechichar, Pro Team(s) - CLE, BAL colts, PIT, Years Pro 1952-1961, Position(s) - DB, HB, DS, Hb, K, LB, P games played 97

Joe Rudolph, Pro Team(s) - PHI, SF, Years Pro1995-1997, Position G, games played 10

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Q: What Belle Vernon High School player went on to the NFL?
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