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the Chicago Cubs

im a big b-ball fan

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Q: What Baseball team has gone the longest without losing a game?
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What NFL team has gone the longest without a playoff win?

The Lions in 2008 and early 2009. 19 game losing streak.

What NFL team has the longest losing streak?

The NFL team that holds the record for the longest losing streak are the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. In 1976, they lost every game they played that season. Their record is a 26 game losing streak.

What is the longest losing streak in Chicago Cubs history?

In 1997, the Cubs started the season 0-14, with the 14 game losing streak being their longest ever.

What Is The K C Royals Longest Losing Streak?

A 19-game losing streak in 2005 prompted manager Tony Pena to quit after a game.

What is longest baseball game?

It was 33 innings

Can a redshirt play in a bowl game without losing redshirt status?

No, a redshirt cannot play in a bowl game without losing redshirt status

Who holds the longest record streak for jeopardy?

Ken Jennings losing on the 75th Game

What is the Toronto maple leafs longest losing streak?

10 game loosing streak

Longest game played in baseball?

The longest game is 31 innings. I think that is like 8 hours.

What is the longest length a baseball bat can be in an MLB baseball game?

42 in.

What is the longest length of time a baseball team has gone without hitting a home run in a game?

18 games with the Diamond Backs

What is the Red Sox longest losing streak?

The Boston Red Sox longest losing streak in club history is 20 games in the 1906 season. It is one game short of the longest losing streak in AL history, held by the Baltimore Orioles who lost 21 consecutive games in the 1988 season.

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