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It really depends on your height. If your legs are longer, you should use that to your advantage and use the leverage of a longer crank. If you use a longer crank and don't have long legs, you can feel like you're riding a hear or two higher than you actually are, so make sure you don't get cranks that are too long!

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Q: What BMX crank should you get small or large?
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Does a small crank make a bmx bike fast?

Usually not. It'll be fast at the start, but a small crank will limit top speed unless you can turn the pedals really fast.

What is a BMX crank?

A crank (or a crankset) is the thing that sits in the middle of the bicycle, has the chain on it and have the pedals attached to it.

Will any crank fit on any bmx?

No, only the one that was made for it.

How do you find out your bmx crank size?

You measure it. A ruler and a caliper are useful.

Can you fit a 3 piece crank on a bmx which had a i piece crank?

Yes you can, but take it to a bike shop or someone who knows what they are doing

Why do bmx bikes have small sprokets?

Because they have small wheels. To get any speed out of a BMX they have to have small sprockets. It's all about ratios.

How many parts are one a Bmx bike?

It depends if you have a 3 piece crank, spokes, brakes.

What is the smallest amount of teethe you can have on a pro bmx crank?

By crank do you mean sproket? The smallest iv seen is a 22t but there may be smaller, or do you mean 3pc cranks?

The best bmx in the world?

Haros are the best and damondbacks with small cogs are the best BMX in the world.

What are some places a person could view BMX videos?

BMX videos are quite popular and can be found on YouTube in large numbers as well as on many websites dedicated to BMX. These include BMX TransWorld, Bikes Belong and BMX Mania.

How many spindles on a bmx?

The only thing on a BMX regularly called a spindle would be the crank axle. Although I suppose one could use spindle for the pedals and the wheel axles as well.

What should a freestyle bmx be made out of?

I think a freestyle bmx should be made out of steel but I've heard bmx's are made out of chromoly or alluminion, i hope that's just for racing