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Q: What Australian sport was first played in 1858 between Scots college and Melbourne grammar?
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When was the first game of Australian Rules Football?

1859 between Melbourne Grammar school and Scotch College.

Why did they start playing Australian rules football?

The first match was played in 1859 between Melbourne Grammar school and Scotch College.

Which 2 teams played the first game of Australian rules football?

The first known game was on 15 June 1858 between Scotch College and Melbourne Grammar School.

Who played the first game between an AFL team and an NFL?

The first ever game of 'Australian Rules' football was between Melbourne Grammar School and Scotch College in 1858.

When was Melbourne Grammar School created?

Melbourne Grammar School was created in 1858.

What is the motto of Melbourne Grammar School?

The motto of Melbourne Grammar School is 'Ora et Labora'.

Where did Missy Higgins go to school?

Missy Higgins is from Australia (born in Melbourne.)

When was An Australian Grammar created?

An Australian Grammar was created in 1834.

What school did portia de rossi go to?

She went to school at Geelong Grammar, then Melbourne Girls Grammar, then attended university at the University of Melbourne.

Which are the Best schools in Victoria Melbourne Australia?

Melbourne Grammar school is the best school in Victoria and possibly even Australia. It has a proud 150 year history which includes many notable achievements. Melbourne Grammar is rated number one mainly because of its illustrious list of alumni. This list includes three Prime ministers (Alfred Deakin, Malcolm Fraser and Stanley Bruce), fifty-seven AFL players (the latest of which are Tom Hawkins and Xavier Ellis); and finally both the Victorian State Leader (John Brumby) and the Leader of the opposition (Ted Baillieu). Melbourne Grammar also holds the record for obtaining the most 99.95 ENTER scores in the one year. This occurred in 2004 when Melbourne Grammar obtained an amazing seven perfect scores in Victoria's VCE system. Melbourne Grammar School is also proudly a member of G20. This is arguably the greatest grouping of schools in the entire world. The schools apart of G20 include: Hotchkiss School, USA: Eton College, UK: Wellington College, UK: International School of Geneva, Switzerland and Appleby College, Canada.

What is the motto of Melbourne Girls' College?

The motto of St Albans Secondary College is 'Truth Is Our Light'.

What school did Alfred Deakin go to?

Alfred Deakin attended Melbourne Grammar School